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Monthly Accounting Service

Your bank statements are processed monthly.

Rental Property Accounting

We can advise prospective rental property purchasers on how to make their investment tax effective. read more...

Payroll Service

Affordable and Supportive


Small business accounting provide

Our 25 Owner-Operated Offices are here to help you deal with a business environment that is getting faster and riskier. Business Owners need Better Information Faster.

We provide Management Accounting, Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Business Advisory Services, Company & Trust Set-up, SMSF Audits, as well as Bookkeeping & Payroll both on-site, off-site and in the cloud.

IAS / BAS / tax returns for individuals, sole traders, partnerships, companies, trusts, and administration & audit for SMSFs.

  • For the Savvy Business Owner looking for a cost-efficient, state-of-the-art, cloud based accounting system, the SBA network is YOUR solution.
  • For the Growth-Orientated Entrepreneur looking for a support system that can grow with them, the SBA network is YOUR solution.
  • For the Owner with a Mature Business, looking to prepare to sell, the SBA network is YOUR solution.
  • For the “New Australian” Business Owner, we pride ourselves on the number of languages we understand, not just “accounting-ese” – Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malaysian, Afghani, Sri Lankan ,Sinhalese, Tamil, Japanese, Russian as well as Aussie / Kiwi / British / American English. Ask us – there are more.

The SBA network is International, and has now been in Australia since April 2010 – new enough to be keen, mature enough to provide a quality service at an economical price. All our accountants & staff are here is Australia – unlike other firms we do NOT offshore any work anywhere else. And ALL DATA is held in Australia- we DO NOT USE OVERSEAS DATA CENTRES!

AND we focus on being YOUR Business Partner, Advisor, Business Analyst. Not “just” the compliance accountant.

AND we are looking for more members.

Are you an Accountant looking for an Opportunity to set up and grow your own business? Talk to us TODAY – WE NEED YOU! We have only 25 offices open and more in progress. We need more NOW, and have space for many more throughout Australia.

CLient Testimonials

We take pride in our clients and approach to deliver good results

  • ”SBA Strathfield has made a significant positive difference to our business. Their professional staff were able to assist us to work diligently under pressure and reduce a lot of stress within the team..."

    Rebecca Habambo

    A Building Contractor
  • “Veronica/ SBA Strathfield provided quality service to my company as they go above and beyond to complete BAS and Tax accounts in due time. She is thorough and professional at her work and always makes sure her client is happy at all time...”

    Syed Ahmed

    Ucliq Media Pty LTD
  • “The systems introduced to us by SBA Blackburn have been appropriate and well installed. We thank Steve for his superb work and can recommend SBA to anyone looking for a professional accountant.”

    Ron & Susan Gail

    Proprietors, Talk About Hair & Beauty
  • “We’ve used Steve Nolan from SBA Blackburn as our in-house accountant for several years and can recommend him to any business looking for an accountant.”

    La Tache

    General Manager, The Celtic Club, Melbourne.
  • Steve Nolan from SBA Blackburn came in to our business when we didn’t know where we were financially and has boggled us with the way he has turned our information systems round...”

    Peter O’Shaunessey

    Owner of a grinding equipment manufacturer.