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Franchise Recruitment Policy

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SBA creates a NEW Career for You – Your Own Business with Network Support

You should have sufficient bookkeeping/accounting experience to form a sound base for training in the SBA system. Full training will be given to achieve an acceptable level of competence in the SBA software suite and methodologies, to assist you develop a successful business.

Academic qualifications sufficient to satisfy the Tax Practitioners Board’s requirements for either BAS Agents or Tax Agents are essential. If you do not have the requisite papers, then please be prepared to study for these as soon as practicable.

While our site selection policy ensures there is potentially a very good business to be developed, and we provide leads from the 1300 number, you are expected to grow your franchise by marketing SBA services to local businesses, via both direct contact, and networking to groups. You should posses the skills and attributes to do this easily and effectively. We will provide templates and tutor & coach you in marketing within your catchment.

You will need above average computer skills.

You are expected to be able to cope with some periodic work flow pressure.

You must have, or be able to access sufficient capital to cover the initial fee, set up costs, and working capital for the first few months.