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SBA creates a NEW Career for You – Your Own Business with Network Support

We Transform Accountants into Tax Agents.

10-year licences are available throughout Australia for just $45,000 + GST. These are renewable for a small fee in further blocks of 10 years. This investment will increase many fold in value as your business grows. In addition the incoming franchisee should budget for about $5,000 of working capital.

There are NO fixed monthly administration fees – the SBA model is performance orientated. In this we are unlike many systems which charge these.

There is a small on-going royalty of 7.5% of cash receipts. Not invoiced sales, cash receipts.

There is also a marketing & advertising levy of 2.5% of cash receipts. These funds are held in trust until used to support brand development campaigns to benefit all members.

These low fees reflect our confidence in our system.

We are able to offer partial funding for approved franchise purchasers, with the first year interest free.