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What Makes Franchises So Successful

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What makes SBA offices so successful?

SBA creates a NEW Career for You – Your Own Business with Network Support

We Transform Accountants into Tax Agents.

The SBA system is a unique combination of cloud-based accounting & management accounting software AND tax accounting software. So long as your client has internet access through phone, tablet or computer, they are never far away from your SBA office.

The Services:

SBA provides a supportive accounting service for all forms of small business enterprise, whether a sole trader, partnership, trust, SMSF or a small Pty Ltd company.

SBA does NOT just provide year-end compliance accounting as many small accounting firms do. This is not enough. We are the entrepreneur’s business partner, always there to provide advice, able to review and advise on their accounts

From as little as $300 per month, SBA processes the client’s work on line, providing monthly profit and cash flow summaries, calculates GST returns, and produces at year-end full Financial Statements and prepares client’s tax return.

SBA provides what small business owners need but many accountants do not provide.

Franchise Locations:

As with so much else with SBA, here again we are different. As a cloud-based network, some members work from home, others from serviced offices, others from offices or shopfronts – it is the choice of the individual office.

AND – each office is provided with an exclusive territory for local area marketing as well as being available through the cloud to anyone needing supportive accounting in Australia.

Who we are and what we value:

To be a member of the SBA Australia network means being a member of a unique, collegiate culture of intelligent professionals.

For example, you support your clients while the National Support Office supports you in your endeavours.

And, unlike any other franchise system we are aware of, we have the unique “kitchen table” test – would we feel comfortable inviting you into our home and having a cup of tea with us? And would we feel comfortable visiting your home?